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Top 7 Methods to Empower Employees How many times have you asked someone to do something like "draw up a plan for such and such project"? Your employee completes the plan, but then you say, "That is not what I wanted" or "That is not how you do it". And so the employee thinks: you didn't tell me exactly how you wanted it done. If you find yourself having back and forth misunderstandings with your employees, then you might have a communication problem. And this could be creating bad feelings, low morale and inefficiencies. To remedy this, perhaps it's time you thought about creating a Policies and Procedures Manual. A Policies and Procedures Manual is a communication tool designed to empower employers, managers and employees with a consistent approach to accomplishing their daily tasks. It provides a set of policies, plans, reports, forms, and work routines that convey the pulse of the organization. A properly developed manual focuses your everyday business communications between employees and management on what is really important to get the job done. This focus is the first step in empowering your employees. Empowerment requires a shared vision, the communication of necessary information and adequate training. Convey Management Policy and Vision A manual should be used to communicate both corporate policies and the appropriate procedures for implementation of the policy in a combined style format. If employees know the vision, then they feel confident to make decisions. Keep in mind, though, policies should not be confused with procedures. Policy - A definite course or method of action to guide and determine present and future decisions. A policy is a guide to decision-making under a given set of circumstances within the framework of corporate objectives, goals and management philosophies. Procedure - A particular way of accomplishing something, or an established way of doing things. A procedure is a series of steps followed in a definite regular order that ensure the consistent and repetitive approach to actions. Improve Communications and Efficiently Run Operations A manual serves to translate the company's business philosophies and desires into action. A well-designed manual is an invaluable communication tool for efficiently running operations within departments and bridging the gap between interrelated departments. If a department has specific information that it requires to process a task, then this information is easily captured in a form that accompanies the task. In business forms are commonplace, acting as a guide for such things as purchase orders, employment applications or asset requisitions. Reduce Business Process Training Time A policies and procedures manual is a functional guide for training new and existing employees. It prevents difficulties in performing duties due to lack of understanding or inconsistent approaches from personnel changes. ISO). Strengthen Organization and Quality A comprehensive manual covering all departments within an organization can become a "quality" manual for the whole company. This will help ensure optimal operations and consistent delivery of the finest in product or service from the company. It will "empower" employees to make decisions independently without the need or time delays of involving various levels of management. In addition, a production team should be able to diagnose a quality problem and formulate and resolve the problem in conjunction with engineering without having to go through various channels up and down the corporate ladder. Meet Objectives with Policies and Procedures Manual The goal of the policies and procedures manual is to identify the ways and means of communicating, as well as getting the service performed or the product manufactured at the least cost in the minimal amount of time. Not only will it be used to empower the organization, but it will have the added benefit of increasing job satisfaction and employee morale. Buy and sell authentic pre owned Vivienne Westwood Clothes ebay uk

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Domain Dot What It one of those frustrating things that can happen when we setting up an online business. The business idea, the name, and the details for all the other steps fall into place. Except ¦the perfect dot com domain for our site is already taken. They what people think of first when they type in a domain name. And if our business serves or represents a specific community and we can have a domain extension that specifies that place, isn that even better? Sometimes we don get what we think we getting. Country code top-level domains (ccTLD)Every country has its own top-level domain (domain extension). The city of stars. Another example illustrates the problem. About 8,000, in fact. One morning in February 2003, those 8,000 people woke up to find out that they lost their domains, their sites, and their email. At a Colombia website, they were able to learn the story. That was probably the first time that many people realized that the "co" in the domain stood for Colombia, not company. If Colombia can pull the plug on people from other countries using their ccTLD, so can other countries. A geographical domain that appears to represent something else may not be such a good idea after all. It restricted to business or commercial use. It suitable for both individuals and companies. The names can be real, first and last name, first name last initial, pseudonyms, nicknames, or a fictional character that the registrant has rights to. But they must be personal names of some sort and not just words. Its use is for the most part unrestricted. Naturally, the registrant must be a US citizen or permanent resident, or the organization must be incorporated in the US or have a presence in the US. Vivienne Westwood Clothes outlet

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Top 7 Strategies for a Successfull Telephone Interview In the course of job search, if your Resume is shortlisted, Telephonic interview is usually the next logical step for any short listed candidate. A candidate might need to go through a couple of rounds of telephonic interview before being invited for a personal interview. Telephonic interviews allow the recruiter to judge the technical knowledge and communication skills of the candidate without incurring heavy expenses, which are involved in personal interviews. Guidelines which could be helpful for the candidates during telephonic interview, are provided below: Ensure that you are not involved in anything else at the time of giving interview and that there are no background noises to disturb the interview process. Sit with a copy of your resume that you sent to the company -- for reference. Be thorough with your subject. It leaves a very bad impression to say that you could not prepare for the interview and would like to reschedule because of this. Ensure that you have all details of all your earlier projects with you. Its not good to say 'Sorry, I can't recollect what I did on that project. Try to respond to questions within 60 seconds. You don't want to be monosyllabic, but lengthy responses will make the employer lose interest and you might lose your own focus. Be prepared to discuss how what you've done in the past will affect how you'll perform in your future position. Give examples that show your value to the company and job. Prepare yourself by understanding the business of the company you are applying in, what skill set they are looking for, what do you want to achieve, what you are looking for from the company. Vivienne Westwood Clothes ebay uk For Sale

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