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Why are traffic fines in California an odd ball number like TL;DR in California there are small round numbers for base fines set by law and then a large amount of fees tacked on, some by percentage (usually +280%), some flat rate (usually +$66). The base fine is rarely changed in law, it the penalty assessment that makes up the bulk of the money and gets changed by the legislature. The government can also impose additional fees and change them as funding requires, since different fees go to different departments (see below). Here the breakdown for a $446 carpool violation: The red light fine is probably similar. As for how the base fine is determined, I believe it is codified in the California Vehicle Code and when fines are increased, it is generally through fees and the penalty assessment, not the base fine. The last time the penalty assessment was changed in California was 2010 I believe to 260% and then another 20% fee, in 2002 it was 170%. where your money goes to from Eddie Xue answer to Traffic Law: How is the minimum car pool lane violation fine calculated? Related Questions If California License Plates are numbered sequentially, what happens after we get to 9 and used up all possible letter/num. (continue) California Politics: What do people on Quora think about the affirmative action amendment that would cut the number of Asian students admitted . (continue) Designer designer vivienne westwood

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Top 7 Ways To Bring Your Visitors Back To Your Web Site Screaming ENCORE Remembering a Billy Joel concert. He did 5 encores. The audience screamed, stomped their feet, lit their lighters, just went wild until Billy came back 2, 3, 4 and then finally for the 5th encore. I would love to be able to hear my visitors screaming "More, Encore, Bravo!," but for now I rely on my eyes to see when they return again and again and again. Below are the Top 7 Ways I continue to bring my visitors back over and over and over and turn them into my own personalized marketing force to the world: High quality content that changes regularly. This is critical: if your site is nothing but a sales page, who wants to come back to read ad copy? If you have quality "goods" as well as your ad copy, you will have more opportunities for people to actually READ your copy. Serialize some of your content. While you are at it, make it "Web Only" content. Post a long article in several parts over a period of time on your site. Which is a perfect segue into: Create your own ezine and easy ways for people to subscribe. These days this seems like a no-brainer, yet people get stuck in thinking they don't have the content to support an ezine. As the moderator, you can post your ezine here, make announcements about what is happening on your site as well as become even more of a "real person" which again attracts repeat visitors. Also, participating in other forums is a great way to bring people back to your site. People learn to both know your name as well as want to see what the excitement is about what you are creating on your site. You may offer a "Freebie of the month" or a "Discount of the month." The only limit is what you can create in your imagination. Invite live personal interaction with your visitors using "Humanclick". This is a program where people can chat with you live without any downloads to their computer. People can visit with you for a couple minutes and get to know you one-on-one. I find that I enjoy their visits as much (if not more) than they do. "Humanclick" is simple to install, and if you have any questions they naturally have live people on their site ready to help you. Finally and most importantly, express yourself as your true self on your Web site. This is your corner of the Internet. Shine as you really are because by doing so you will naturally attract people who will want to do business with YOU. Not the you who you think you should portray yourself to be, but the YOU who you truly are. Experiment with your Web site, laugh at yourself, enjoy yourself. Webmastering has been one of the most creatively exciting adventures I have ever undertaken. Make your adventure one that invites people back to the party over and over and over! vivienne westwood eyeglasses

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and is it airing anywhere in syndication Yes, you read that right. They have cancelled the show after five years on a cliffhanger. No farewell episodes, no nothing. A lovely cliffhanger is the ending we are rewarded with after all these years. It's time to tell NBC that enough is enough. After five years of being loyal viewers, we deserve more from NBC. We deserve a real ending to the series we have been loyal to all these years. So Vegas fans, it's time to do something about it. Here is the latest update from the same site: TVGuide - Ben Silverman Q I have been waiting and waiting to hear if there will be a resolution to Las Vegas. Will we get to know what happens to Danny's and Delinda's baby? Where was Coop when everyone thought he was dead? And who ends up with the casino? Inquiring minds need to know - and having Danny and Delinda walk across the screen with a baby in Knight Rider just ain't gonna cut it! - Joanne Ausiello: There may be room for some cautious optimism. I cornered Ben Silverman at Monday's NBC upfront Experience soiree and asked him point-blank whether he plans to give Vegas fans some closure in the form of a wrap-up movie - and he didn't say no. Just the opposite, in fact. He said he would very much like to make that happen, although he hedged when I pressed him on the who-what-where-when. The show has five complete seasons, all of them are available on DVD. The show is currently in syndication and airs on TNT. See this site for air dates: designer vivienne westwood Take A walk Down Our Aisles and Save

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